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Delivering Sustainable Technology Solutions

Delivering Sustainable Technology Products


SARA is a premier service and support management system that supports companies in managing all service operations: depot repairs, field service,  RAs, customer support, or the combination of any of these. 

SARA does more than  managing call handling and repair. It enables you to track and replenish your inventory, automatically capture the servicing costs, bill your customers, ship your products to the correct address, and generate or process warranty claims.

Finally, SARA is a highly flexible application that easily adapts to the unique needs of each organization.

Benefits of SARA

Improved Customer Service:

SARA guarantees our clients the ability to deliver exceptional customer service. With SARA, you will be equipped to effectively handle customer calls, accurately diagnose problems, quickly solve consumer complaints, update them on the status of the service projects, and ensure quality service. The expectations of your customers will not only be fulfilled, but surpassed. Highest possible levels of consumer satisfaction will always be achieved.

Enhanced Productivity and Decreased Operational Costs:

SARA improves your bottom line by significantly reducing operational costs, increasing productivity, and boosting revenues.

Business Intelligence Feedback:

SARA supplies valuable feedback for your marketing and product engineering. Your marketing team can use SARA to generate reports on market trends, the popularity of your individual product models, and other useful customer and market information. Similarly, your engineering department can find out which product models tend to be defective and the reasons behind these failures. You can take advantage of this feedback and improve your future product design.  

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