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SARA - Billing

Depot RepairMany companies are spending excessive time and resources in coming up with proper repair charges, and are losing revenues by failing to collect their debts. SARA Billing ensures that the correct service charges are quickly determined, that the corresponding invoices are immediately generated and sent out, and that all the accounts receivables are eventually paid off. With SARA, your organization can minimize its billing efforts while at the same time improving the billing effectiveness.

The main functionalities of SARA Contracts include:

Captures the service/repair expenses: It is often difficult to track down all the labor, materials, and other expenses during the complex repair process or a distant field service call. SARA resolves this dilemma by automatically capturing the parts usage, labor hours, travel time, repair notations, and other expenses, e.t.a. If needed, technicians and field engineers can input the appropriate information into the work order, which is then automatically used by the system in calculating service charges without any additional outside assistance.

Allows to define price rates: To correctly calculate service charges, it is not only necessary to capture the materials and labor usage, but also to multiply them by the accurate price rates. SARA takes care of the second half of this equation, by allowing organizations to input the different price rates for the specific inventory parts/materials, labor, types of repair, repair functions, product models, product types, warranty/non warranty work, e.t.a., into the system.

Automatically calculates service/repair charges: Once all the labor and parts usage, along with the other relevant expenses has been charged to the work order, the system automatically calculates the overall service charges. SARA combines the expense data with the appropriate price rates, and if necessary, with the warranty/contract coverage information. As a result, the overall charges for each and every service performed are determined right down to the dollar, without almost any effort on the part of your organization.

Automatically generates invoices: Not only does SARA takes care of all the matters related to calculating the service charges, but it also relieves organizations of the burden of producing invoices. Instead, once the price for the completed work order is arrived at, the corresponding invoice is immediately generated and printed out. The personnel responsible for billing is then automatically notified of the need to send the invoice out. Finally, to facilitate the mailing process, SARA at once generates the mailing labels with the customers' names and addresses already placed on there.

Tracks invoice status: All to often do organizations fail to keep track of all of the accounts receivables that are owed to them. SARA completely eliminates this risk by providing an integration with the enterprise accounts receivable system, so upon command, a list of all the unpaid invoices can be displayed on the screen, reminding the organization of the unsettled balances. All the collection efforts are centralized and standard accounting treatment is assured.

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