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SARA - Inventory

Depot Repair

SARA Inventory provides a complete inventory management system for repair depots, service centers, and field units. Our software allows users to search out parts in numerous locations, ranging from work benches to trucks, and quickly order the needed items from either the company warehouses or the outside suppliers. The result is that your inventory stocks are always kept at optimal levels, while your technicians and field engineers are always able to receive the needed parts at a perfect time.

The main functionalities of SARA Inventory include:

Tracks available inventory: SARA can easily ascertain stock levels in a number of different locations, such as warehouses, depots, trucks, shelves, pallets, work benches, e.t.a. This powerful feature is even capable of monitoring customer-site and in-transit inventory. Finally, each inventory part that is in use is matched to the specific work order. In that way, SARA truly keeps track of each and every inventory component, and simultaneously captures materials usage for accurate billing information.

Requests parts: Inventory parts required to complete the repair/service call can be requested via the system by either the customer service representative, the technician, the field engineer, or the logistics personnel. If the internal warehouses do not currently have the necessary parts, external purchase requisitions are automatically generated. In order to determine when the needed parts are due for arrival, a listing of all items currently on back order can be viewed or printed. The received parts subsequently become automatically assigned to the relevant location or a work order.

Processes parts requests: If the inventory parts are ordered from the company warehouses or service centers, the requests are immediately processed by the system. Instructions and forms needed for transferring the items are immediately generated and automatically transmitted to the personnel responsible for parts shipment.

Automatically replenishes inventory levels: Organizations have an option of pre-defining the rules for automatically triggering parts orders to replenish the stock levels at main and sub inventory locations. When the stock at the sub location falls bellow the specified level, parts request is automatically generated and sent to the main inventory warehouse. Likewise, when the stock at the main location become depleted, SARA produces a parts order for the external vendors pre-specified by your organization.

Pre-defines parts needed for repair: SARA enables organizations to pre-define inventory parts that are required to complete a specific work order, depending on the product model and type of problem reported. Therefore, the dispatcher or the technician will be automatically informed on what parts are needed upon generating/receiving a work order.

Defines inventory items: The individual inventory items can be defined into the system, so stock levels can be updated by simply entering quantities against these standard definitions.

Defines substitute items: Often, two products can be so closely related, that they can be used as substitutes. SARA allows users to define these relationships within the system, so if the requested product or part is not available, the logistics personnel would know which products or parts can be utilized as substitutes.

Provides inventory item descriptions : For each inventory item, the system stores an extremely comprehensive information. For example, for a specific inventory part, an authorized user can access its repair history, Bill of Material (s), price and cost information, associated literature, and the expected shelf life. In addition, the items can be defined as Serialized, Leakage, Obsolete, or Active. All of this data, greatly assists in the decision-making of both, the logistics personnel with regards to properly managing the inventory, and of the technicians/field engineers with regards to ordering the right parts and successfully carrying out the repairs.

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