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SARA - Reports

Depot RepairAn ability to produce comprehensive reports is vital to the long-term success of organization. Companies need to measure the productivity of their workers, the performance of their products, and profitability of their services in order to improve the bottom line of every business- to concurrently increase revenues and reduce costs. SARA Reports offers you that ability by providing tools for generating both standard and ad hoc reports. Since SARA retains all the past and present data in the Oracle database, a report virtually on any topic can be produced by the simple setting of cataloged parameters and typing in a few commands. With SARA, your organization can obtain a competitive edge over your rivals by becoming uniquely positioned to recognize and fix your own shortcomings, spot new trends, and learn about ways to enhance profit.

Some of the major reports that can be generated by using SARA Reports include:

  • Summary of customer calls over a period of time
  • Top ten customer complaints
  • Summary of repairs performed over a period of time
  • # of customer complaints for each specific product model
  • Failure statistics for each product model
  • Each technician's, work team's, or service center's productivity
  • Productivity trends for a technician, service center, or the company
  • Trends in repair costs for each product model, or company as a whole
  • Service costs by technician, territory, or customer
  • Extended service contract revenue and profit by type, region, or customer
  • Warranty revenue and profit by product, or customer
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