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SARA - Claims

Depot RepairSARA is the only service management system that assists organizations in both initiating and processing claims. On the one hand, authorized service centers and dealerships need to generate and send the reimbursement claims to the manufacturers, every time that they perform a service that is covered under the OEM's standard warranty. On the other hand, the manufacturers need to validate these claims and send the corresponding payments to the authorized service centers and dealerships. SARA Claims automates and handles both of these processes, thereby equally saving time and resources for OEMs, service centers, and dealerships, as well as ensuring that all accounts get settled.

The main functionalities of the SARA Claims include:

Generates warranty claims: When a service center or a dealership performs a standard warranty work on behalf of a manufacturer, the charges calculated for this service can be claimed from the OEM. SARA automatically captures all the warranty claims related information from the work order and generates the claims files. The claims files include all the information that the manufacturer requires for claims approval, such as customer information, problem description, labor and parts used, and work order data.

Submits warranty claims: Once the claims have been generated, SARA gives two options on how to submit them. One alternative is for servicers to transfer their claims electronically. Under this option, SARA can be programmed to automatically bill the manufacturers by using an EDI format to send the claims over the web, ftp, tapes, floppy disks, e.t.a. If the servicers choose to submit the claims manually, the system automatically prints out claims files on the NARDA forms.

Validates warranty claims: When the manufacturers receive the claims, SARA can automatically validate them according to the pre-defined company rules. The system can review purchased and used parts, labor hours, problem information, customer comments, customer information, work order information, customer warranty status, e.t.a., and subsequently approve, modify, or reject the claims. An authorized personnel can also access comprehensive information regarding the service center or dealership in questions, such as their repair and claims histories. In this way, SARA makes certain that no fraudulent claim is allowed to be rewarded.

Authorizes and generates warranty payments: If the claims are approved, the system automatically authorizes warranty payments. By means of SARA's interface with the accounts payables, the corresponding payments are subsequently generated and sent out to the authorized service centers or dealerships. Once again, our software saves your staff from performing time consuming and repetitive tasks.

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