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SARA - Call Center / Help Desk

Help DeskSARA Help Desk is designed to enable giving customers quick and accurate answers to their service problems. Customer service representative or any other proper personnel, can use Help Desk to tap into continuously updated solutions databank to solve the customers' problems within the matter of minutes while they are still on the phone or standing in person in front of the Customer Assistance Desk, thereby saving precious company resources and increasing customer satisfaction.

The main functionalities of SARA Help Desk include:

Displays detailed customer and product information: All the customer, product, and warranty information that can be accessed through SARA Call Center, is also available in Help Desk.

Solves customer complaints by providing a comprehensive knowledge base: By using SARA Help Desk, CSR can gain an access to a detailed database that contains the descriptions of typical customer complains, product problems, and the common symptoms, causes and resolutions of those problems. The knowledge-base is composed of text documents, circuit diagrams, use manuals, drawings, pictures, and multimedia files. The result is that the CSR can use customer's descriptions of the troubles he has with the product, to isolate the nature of the problem without the help of the technician, and to enable the customer to resolve the problem by himself, since many customer complaints are caused by bad installation or confusion about product's use, not by the actual product defects. Thus, Help Desk saves the resources unnecessarily wasted on dispensing technicians to fix products which are not malfunctioning.

Initiates the service process and schedules personnel: If the product does indeed seem deffective, Help Desk performs one of the following functions. It either generates a Return Authorization form, or a work order, programs an advanced swap of the product , tells the customer representative to refer the customer to a local service provider, or takes a combination of any of these actions. If necessary, SARA can then be used to schedule the appropriate technicians and field engineers (either manually or automatically), and assign/transfer them the appropriate work order/RMA.

Electronically transfers data. Customer representatives can attach all of the customer/product information, as well as the notes taken during the consumer's call, to the work order/Return Authorization, so the personnel responsible for the future handling of the customer's request will be provided with the necessary data to carry out their tasks well.

Tracks the status of the repair/service request: Once the service process has been initiated, any time that the customer subsequently calls the CSR, or any time that the proper personnel wants to receive an update on the particular service call, - the current status of repair/service request can be tracked and ascertained. As a result, the customer can periodically receive information on the status of his request, and the proper personnel can assure that no incident is being overlooked.


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