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SARA - Contracts

Depot RepairWhile many customers are still content to purchase products either without any coverage or with just simple manufacturers' warranties, more and more consumers are increasingly clamoring for flexible service offerings that are customizable to their unique needs and tastes, and to the specific products they procure. With SARA, organizations can fully satisfy these demands by defining the standard extended service contracts, tailoring them accordingly to their consumer's preferences, and automatically verifying customer entitlements during the service requests. By utilizing our software to accommodate every diverse consumer and effectively market your various service offerings, you can simultaneously increase your profits and attain customer loyalty.

The main functionalities of SARA Contracts include:

Defines extended service contracts: SARA allows organizations to define standard extended service contracts for the individual product lines and products. These contracts specify the service and support your organization undertakes to provide in addition to the terms promised under the manufacturer's (OEM's) warranty. When your organization sells/services many different products, the standard contracts help your personnel to quickly determine which service offerings generally go with which specific products. The contract definitions usually spell out the nature and duration of the service, scope of the coverage, service levels, and applicable charge.

Customizes extended service contracts: While the standard extended service contracts usually account for the different level of support required by the diverse products, they do not account for the different level of support required by the diverse customers who purchase the same product. SARA takes care of that problem by allowing organization to customize the existing contract templates with just a few key strokes. Once the customer lets his preferences be known, an authorized personnel can access the existing contract, tailor its terms accordingly with each customer's unique needs, and input/attach any supplementary information such as special discounts, customer comments, e.t.a.

Automatically verifies entitlements: When the customer makes his service request, SARA can automatically process and verify his entitlement claims. Once the user inputs the customer's name or the product's serial number ion the system, the service offerings for which the customer is eligible under the terms of his warranty and extended contract automatically pop-ups on the screen. This quick, comprehensive view of customer's purchased services lets your personnel manage your organization's compliance with consumer agreements.

Generates renewal solicitations: Customers whose warranty or extended service contracts are about to expire, are automatically selected for automatic notification by the system. At a specified time before the warranty/contract expiration, SARA automatically generates renewal mailings and notifies the responsible personnel on the need to send out them to the appropriate customers.

Identifies prospective customers: SARA lets the organizations proactively manage customer contracts by identifying the customers most likely to be attracted to the specific service offerings, based on their service histories, purchased products, and current service coverage. The system also makes it extremely easy to notify the relevant customers of your organization's service capabilities.

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