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SARA - Shipping

Depot RepairUntil now, service management systems have ignored the needs of service providers to economically and efficiently ship their products back to the consumers. SARA Shipping takes care of these needs by greatly facilitating the return shipment of the repaired products and parts. Through an interface to the UPS and FEDEX shipping systems, our software automates the shipping process and eliminates the need for re-entry of customer and product information.

The main functionalities of SARA Shipping include:

Prints shipping labels through an interface with UPS and FEDEX: Traditionally, the shipping personnel had to manually re-enter all the customer and product information in order to produce a shipping label. SARA provides a solution for finally dispensing with this grueling and wasteful work. Upon the completion and closing of the work order, our system automatically generates and prints shipping labels, packaging slips, and other documents necessary for shipment, by means of its interfaces with UPS and FEDEX. The printed labels contain all the necessary information, such as the customer's name, address, the product's model, serial number, e.t.a. In addition, the system captures the package's weight and the total shipping charges through an interface to both the mailing systems and to the standard scales. The only thing that is left for the shipping clerk to do is wait for the package pick-up and pay the balance.

Tracks shipping status: In order to properly answer numerous customers' questions on when will they finally receive their products, and to ensure that every package arrives at its destination, you need to be able to track the progress of the shipment. SARA readily accomplishes that by being able to generate pick lists that show all the items yet to be shipped, and shipping reports that list all the items which already have been shipped, but have not yet arrived at their proper destination.

Incorporates customer requirements: Many customers may have preferences regarding a choice of package carrier, or may want the shipment to arrive at a destination other than their regular address. SARA seamlessly integrates these customer requirements in the shipping process, so our software automatically interfaces with only that system of the preferred carrier, and automatically generates labels with not necessarily the regular address, but the preferred destination.

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